DIY Compost Bin

Easy and efficient compost bin for the newbie “composter”.

DIY Compost Bin | Britt's Blurbs

If you guys remember, last year was the year I built my first garden. I made two DIY Raised Garden Beds and instead of starting with seeds I decided just to buy plants to start with. 

Well this year I’m taking it a step up since I learned so much last year. I’m building more raised garden beds and will be starting my plants from seeds in a few weeks. B and I have been composting for about a month and I decided it was time to contain it all in a bin outside so it helps to break down faster. 

DIY Compost Bin | Britt's Blurbs

  1. I bought 12 six foot cedar fence panels and cut them all in half. 
  2. Next I took a piece of 1×2 scrap wood and cut it 22 inches.
  3. I laid four of the 3 foot boards out on the ground leaving about a half inch space between the boards and lined the 1×2 board on top of the boards along one side and drilled the 1×2 into each of the four boards. It’s important to leave space between your boards as you assemble this so your compost can breathe.
  4. I did the same along the other side. That way it held the boards together.
  5. I repeated that step again to make a second side.
  6. I took one of those sides and stood it up to drill in 4 more 3 foot boards at a 90 degree angle. 
  7. Once I had the corner done, I drilled the second side of the bin in to make another 90 degree angle. Basically, at this point you have three sides of your box.
  8. To finish the box I simply drilled four more of the 3 foot boards in to close in the box. 

DIY Compost Bin | Britt's Blurbs

To support a top, I drilled two pieces of scrap wood to the inside and middle of the box. (See where the clamp is). To use extra support there I topped it off with some wood glue. 

I made my top in two pieces but I’d suggest to make yours in one. Follow the same steps as your side panels but this time you’ll use 6 three foot boards. Secure them all together with a scrap piece of 1×2 along the sides. 

DIY Compost Bin | Britt's Blurbs

Ta-da! You’ve built your first compost bin! Now fill it up by layering “green” and “brown”…. Green compost is anything like vegetable clippings, coffee grounds, chicken manure, etc. Brown compost is dried leaves, newspaper, grass clippings, etc. 

Now I’m no compost expert yet so I’ll keep you all posted as I go. Just make sure to “stir” your compost every week or so giving it air and making sure it has some water. 

Happy organic gardening!

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