Day In The Life– Before the Move

TGIT! Thursdays are practically my Friday’s since I work from home on Fridays and don’t have to worry about getting all dolled up for work. Plus tomorrow is my birthday so that’s extra special! Even though it kind of snuck up on me since I’ve been so incredibly busy lately.

I am EXHAUSTED this week. Between the excitement of my mom visiting and packing my entire apartment plus working in between I am ready for this move to be over. Just a few more days!

I thought it’d be fun to look at another “Day in the Life” since this will be my last one before my move. I’ll have a whole new routine I’ll need to get use to come Monday!

{4:45 am}– Alarm goes off. Jump up, start coffee, get gym clothes on, fuel up with 1/2 banana and 1 tsp. peanut butter.

{5:00-6:00am}– Hit the apartment gym. Most days I have it completely to myself. I CANNOT WAIT to join a gym again. I thrive in a gym setting with many people around and lots of equipment to play with.

Workout Room | Britt's Blurbs

{6:00}-{7:00am}– Head back to apartment to shower, get dressed, make-up on and hair done. Make breakfast.

{7:00am}– Sit down to schedule out blog posts & social media for the day and eat my breakfast. Breakfast this morning was some Noosa yogurt topped with organic berries and an organic whole grain toast with some peanut butter and raw honey.

{7:15am}– Hit the road to work! Most days I’ll call my parents or B to say good morning or listen to a podcast on my commute in!

{8:00am}– Get to work and settle in my writing my to-do list and checking email while reheating my cup of green tea from my commute.

{10:00am}– Take a break from work to snack on a hard-boiled egg to hold me over until lunch. Normally I have a pretty view out my window but it’s been so rainy lately and so depressing.

Mid Morning Snack | Britt's Blurbs

{10-12:20pm}– Work, work, work but I absolutely love what I do. Most days I just eat lunch at my desk while finishing up a few projects.

Loving Lately | Britt's Blurbs

{12:30pm}– Take a break from my projects, lace up my tennis shoes and take a walking break to walk through the office parks. Thankfully the weather cleared just in time! Most days I make some phone calls to say “hi” to people! I LOVE being able to get up and out of the office in the middle of the day for a mind break. I come back so refreshed and ready to tackle the afternoon.


{1:00pm}– Finished up my walk and headed back to the office to dive back into more work for the afternoon. I have dual monitors for my desk that tilt so normally by the afternoon I resort to standing and tilt them up so I can see and work still. I still need to order a balance ball to sit on during work! I have a balance ball chair for my desk at home but I need something for the office too.

{3:00pm}– Take a break to chat with co-workers and snack on my KIND bar.

Afternoon Snack | Britt's Blurbs

{4:00pm}– Call it quits for the day and pack up my stuff to hit the road home.

{4:40pm}– Get home and change into sweats, check mail and unwind. Last evening I worked on packing up my closet as soon as I got home.

{5:30pm}– I took a break from packing to get dinner ready and packed my lunch for the next day.

{6:00pm}– Dinner time! Buckwheat noodles with creamy avocado pesto sauce, grape tomatoes and crispy turkey bacon.

Dinner | Britt's Blurbs

{6:20-7:30pm}– Pack, pack, pack! All the last minute things are so tedious! I worked on packing up my pantry items.

Packing | Britt's Blurbs

{7:30-8:30pm}– Sat down to write this blog post and watch a video training for work. In between all the craziness in my life right now I’m training to get certified in a marketing certificate for work so I try and watch at least one video a night.

{8:30pm}– Wash my face and get my pj’s on. FINALLY relax for the day. Read for a little while then call B to catch up until I fall asleep.

{9:00pm}– GOODNIGHT!

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